Monday, April 26, 2010

my rough theater cont...

Some of the most wonderful experiences I've had, involved people sharing the moment, and enlightening our senses with just ourselves and whatever we have surrounding us to make music. Bottles, spoons, pots, nuts to shake haha, bongos, guitars, hands and feet.
That sort of spontaneity definitely put a smile on everybody's faces, it was organic and we were living and I feel like those are all great things.
The rough theater has great potential to be the most magical I would believe.
We can spend millions and attempt to create what we assume or expect is perfection. But the feelings you get from using the moment, and embracing whats offered around us (that may easily be ignored); to share quality fresh natural experiences is not quite achievable when it's arranged and imposed I believe.
Though beautiful experiences can well be achieved with planning and preparation to I'm sure, it would not have the same effect the grounded nature the rough theater provides.

6x1 Part II

There really isnt much I would change. I mean Im pretty sure all we ever say are great things about this class.
I mean WE- BUILT-- A - FORT!!! -- IN - CLASS for goodness sakes hahahahaa.
I would totally keep the blogging happening, its great to keep us up to date with the readings, and keep thoughts flowing.
And I feel like the flow of how the due dates are works very well. Also how we start off with more group work and finish with more individual is beneficial I feel to.
Maybe one thing I would change on that note, is how the group work/ partner work plays out. I think it would be beneficial if group membered mixed and matched a bit more, to further spark the flow of new ideas; and be good practise to work with the different environments peoples differing opinions bring to production.
Very literally though it is one of my favourite classes I've ever taken and I really don't have much critique to be made.
I mean I could keep talking about all the things I enjoy about class, but I don't think that really helps much toward making changes.
I even like the readings chosen. As they sparked ideas in a sort of alternate matter. It wasn't straight out, heres 'how to' information. So much as abstract ideas, enlightening us with variations of art forms, and the different options there are within them to individually approaching it. As I keep saying, it encourages the flow of creativity and new ideas to broadening our ideas and opinions.
So I dunno how helpful this blog is, hopefully some, but that is pretty much all I have. So basically If I made a 6x1 it would be called traditional 6x1 maybe hahahahhaa. And I'd theif your subject outline and photocopy it for the students. Call is plagurism if you like, I call it this thing some teacher taught me once called contextualisation. HAHAHAHA kidding =P hahaha.
But pretty much yes that is what Id do hahaha. So congratulations I suppose on succeeding with ease at satisfying us all with our learnings for the semester. =P

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mystery Workshop response.~..

Today pretty much reminded me of the fact that were living in a world in which science fiction ideas are more and more becoming realities. Its insane to me that we just casually made a 3D short in the space of a few hours.

On the topic of 3D im unsure as to how successful it will ever be in the industry. I had to go to a conference in Sydney Australia for a group called SMPTE who basically organise a gathering of the biggest manufactures of production equipment and such in the country. It was a great experience, got to see some of the finest stuff, like tv helicopters for sale and huge OB trucks it was cool. But one of the other parts were the release of 3D cameras, as there trying to slip them into replacing normal TV's with 3D. It is not an established notion yet Im quite sure =P. As I mentioned earlier too I'm not sure as too how successful this would be. Just because of the fact that you have top wear the glasses all the time, and it would be quite a headache to casually have the fuzzy images playing in the background as normal TV's might now. But, it's till an awesome thing, that we can have that visual experience, where the screen is given the added dimension to look so close to reality. It had potential to open alot of new doors I feel.
Also everyone loves to go see a good 3D film at the cinemas. =P

It was a great experience though, and I'm still so blown away as to how simple it really was to accomplish. Im sad I didn't think to invent it HAHAHA.
Technology is an interesting thing to me, it fascinates me in many ways, and at the same time scares the hell out of me. Sometimes its my friend and I find alot of benefits, like how close it brings the world together I've notices more since being here; as its so easy to contact my friends and family on the other side of the world and such. Other times it hates me like when my computer and hardrive both decide to hate me in one weekend and comit suicide. HAHA
At the end of the day it has benefits and negatives, and thats just life. Hopefully we keep it manageable though and don't get too sucked into the screen, (see the slight pun there hahahha).

The star wars shoot was also a fun experience. If there's one thing I've learned from 6x1 it's that it reminded see how simple and enjoyable it can be and is to make productions. In other production classes I've had I almost lost that idea, just because of how much stress is put into some projects, planning managing forms, being forced to practise for the industry. And though those are good things to practise still too, 6x1 has brought the life back into production.
Im so ready to go enter a bunch of 48hr film festivals now for examole =P. Something inside me before said that was a crazy idea, too much pressure.

On a side note in relation to the 48hr, I loved the experience for the similar to the above reasons. But as well that the beauty of the 48hr is that you don't know whats going to happen, you have to think of an idea past, theres no time to over think it, you have to be creative and in the moment with this crazy little light bulb dude. It was great haha.

I went off track as usual, but yes, once again class was great, and Im about to go make my friends jealous in Australia that I got to play with 3D while I was here and build a fort hahaha.
Living off canned goods and rice for months was worth it!! =P HAHA

Peace be from Channy K-b

Monday, April 12, 2010

What is my "rough theatre"?

I suppose the rought theatre to me is everything I encounter unexpectedly. Everything I learn from my practises. Just as in life I love to accept all possobilities, all ideas, all arguments, to learn and become vastly as aware as possible. I like to do the same with film, to make new discoveries and encourage different and new approaches to techniques that appear at me.
I like to use or appreciate mistakes (like in my rythmic when my hair got in the way but I ended up liking it).
Rought theatre is a great concept, and the reading makes me want to go and see a rought theatre play based on those sorts of ideas, or see a film, I believe it would be interesting.
Tonight was a little too much for me, and since I fell asleep in a strange disacoiated state and woke up just now remembering to do this I feel limited to what I want to say. Since I'm still a little (well know out of it) but in disbelief at how today went.
But the my ideas on the rough theatre I find intuiging, interesting, and I would like to explore these ideas further. Some of the greatest things cannot be planned, and the greatest adventures come from spontanuity.
I think this applies to film to, to be open to new ideas is important, to keep your projects in the moment and fulfilled by the fresh appeal of spontanuity. To not get caught up in what you think you want, and to be open to developing progression I feel is very important.
In the 48 hour I feel these ideas of keeping in the moment became important, as I didn;t want to second guess myself. I wanted to appreciate my original idea and go straight with that, and allow whatever flowed from that to be incorporated. I feel I succeeded in that way, not that I ended up using all ideas, but things felt they flowed nicely. And my ideas definitely progressed as i saw things even day to day. For example i saw a girl drawing outside, which inspired me to draw a fictional space for my hand people (of my film) and allow it to come to life by stop motion (I didnt use it coz there wasn't enought time in a minute) but it inspired thought, in the moment, which I liked/appreciated.
The rought theatre is a great concept that I am glad to consider as I work, and am intuiged to see some more specific examples of "rough theatre" if I can.
(It's also is relevant to another class i have where we were assigned to research film fetivals, some of which i found have specific entries for rough cuts. I understand what this is for, but I am interested to see what some look like and to appreciate what the works are for 'what they are' in that stage.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Yes Men as it relates to Recycled Footage??

To probably be further evaluated after class =P

Sunday, April 4, 2010

synesthetic experience

I love this its so beautiful, one of the best visuals Ive seen I believe, and then the Ruby Suns with it makes for a perfect combination. I love

Monday, March 29, 2010

Appropriation_ Molotov & Ecstasy

In relation to the Molotov Man article I am leaning toward Susan Meisalas opinion however I definitely understand and even agree with both sides. I think in the age of modern media, internet in particular information and art and everything is very readily available. Too readily available many argue. Information is distorted by opinion blogs people assume is journalism (as I am looking at in my media ethics class) and art, like Molotov Man, can be easily lost, and re contextualised.

I definitely feel for Susan, and strongly agree with her argument, that if art is becoming lost amongst the technology of this day and age. We artists should embrace each other, come together as people and respect each other’s ideas. Joy was made aware of the work, and I don’t think she handled the situation as best she could have. Not to say she was wrong entirely, I just feel as though they could have come to an appropriate agreement.

That is I do believe it is ok to recontextualise work, that Molotov Man can still have as much meaning for the original image, even when he is used for different meaning and purpose by Joy. There was no intention for deliberate harm by either or the two artists, they are both right. But I do want to stress that we are as people being overcome by the modern age, maybe we should make a stand and instead of falling and becoming lost, embrace and come together, to respect life, love, people, music and art. There are things much more beautiful than anger, technology and negative notions of disabling our ability to share, that we can focus on in this world.

In relation to ‘The Ecstasy of Influence’ I think, as the reference to Bob Dylan’s music being a paradox; it is very important to consider the idea that appropriation holds a lot of benefits. As it allows the contemporary audience to reflect on the importance of words. Or another positive is focussing on the new meanings that can be created. Hopefully the new artist reusing work does it in a respectful manner to the old, and it is probably in most cases best to still refer to where the idea came from. But the point is that there are a lot of positives about appropriation that should be more often acknowledged, people can find balance, and draw less upon the negative connotations of the word plagiarism or appropriation.

I like how the ecstasy article, explores broad examples with depth, to stir the mind on these matters. The idea of photography’s initial question of plagiarism and the ideas of the want for Plagiarism as it has brought such timeless tales such as Romeo and Juliet and Southpark ha-ha. I love that those two stand next to each other in a sentence by the way. =P

I love the that “when damn near everything presents itself as familiar (in this modern age) – it’s not a surprise that some of today’s most ambitious art is going about trying to make the familiar strange.” An idea referred to earlier in the text, talking about, how art recreates objects “thingness”. A statement I agree with, on the notion of how much we as people miss, or assume to be true, and the ‘things’ we become disembodied with because of our familiarity with them. Association therefore is beneficial in that it resparks old likely forgotten ideas that are still necessary.

I understand the ideas for the need of copyright laws, but I think the ecstasy argument is very true. There are many benefits to appropriation and many disadvantages to copy right, such as (as mentioned in text) not being able to play ground music in public. Music is such a beautiful element, I would much prefer to share than to not. That is a naive statement as I am only considering what I would like, not what is necessary. However the restrictions on students photocopying that could be valid to learning is a better example of a definite, (kind of ridiculous as its likely not a commercial concern) destructive attribute of copyright laws.

Basically I like what Thomas Jefferson said considering copyright ‘a necessary evil’ as “he favoured providing just enough incentive to create, nothing more, and thereafter allowing ideas to flow freely, as nature intended”. Though I do want to add this statement seems a little naive also, as though and I hate to say it, but we do not live in a perfect world, and there are surely benefits for copyright laws to help artists when work is being stolen in a negative manner. This is to say I agree with the article, however like to consider more opinions, as 1. There is never one answer, and 2. I feel as though Jonathan Lethum is little acknowledging the fact that we don’t live in a perfect world. There are people who would use copying in a negative case that copyright laws could protect the innocent: i.e the laws have purpose. But I do believe strongly that one works reuse to create new meaning is a fine and beautiful thing.

And to finish, with irony, by using a quote ha-ha, I again think Thomas Jefferson is on the right track saying “He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.”

_I went on for way to long I’m sorry I’ll end it here. =) Peace

Oh, P.s. want to point out that I feel out free ability to express opinion in blogs without stress on need of a big reference sheet, like in essay writing: has benefited my individual to learning. I enjoy writing, these blogs sparking new thoughts to consider in my mind. I have learnt a lot from these readings and writing the blogs, and I believe it is the ‘freeness’ of it all that has helped me enjoy it, therefore really learn.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reflecting on the Saturday 'Long Take' Shoot

I had an enjoyable day, my favourite part was probably walking through the trees for the little red riding hood shoot haha, but I guess that’s not the point of today’s blog.
Since I’ve worked with a Bolex before and developed many times, I didn’t get to be that interactive which I guess was a bit of a shame for me, but we all need to get a turn, so that’s cool. =)
I sometimes felt a bit outside of my group, when I did speak up about ideas I didn’t really get listened to I sometimes feel. But maybe that’s just me not explaining myself properly. Also I think it could be because the boys have a kind of different state of mind to me I guess, which is fine. They just like to get things done, and don’t I guess worry so much about the meaning/purpose to the story or the imagery, representations we could think more about working with. But I don’t think that is a bad thing necessarily just because it’s different to the way I would normally go about things. For example, today’s idea I felt was great, it was sweet and simple, funny, and had a nice unexpected ending. One suggestion I made that I kind of would have liked to include, just because I find studying human behaviour interesting: was to start with a shot of fidgeting feet, and then move up to the hands. I just think it’s interesting, how people keep their minds active, and themselves busy, when bored or in awkward situations etc. And then to move up and back to reveal the bus stop sign, and then move back more to allow the ‘man bus’ ha-ha to come in. I also thought that could have given us more variety of camera work. But, that would have meant Josh wouldn’t have been in frame to include the comedic trip, which was a great touch.
I love the Bolex, I love the look of old film, (I really wanna get myself one of those little cameras we also got to play with, just quietly hahaha), and I love the concept of doing entire works in one long take. It’s a challenge and it feels really honest to me. That might not make sense and probably sounds stupid ha-ha. I just mean that, if I see a short done in all one take, I know it’s honest, that is it hasn’t been cut up and manipulated. I particularly find this technique best effective in documentary or any non-fiction type film for this reason, just personally anyway.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

48 hour video race ~ Ideas...

In a rush theres a video for some of my ideas, I feel like they will keep building so the blog may also with it, but thats where I'm at for now anyway...
Peace be all

Friday, March 5, 2010

some worthy procrastination haha

a little synesthesia painting i did to fill some time